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You can get any of your criminal records clean from any country system with our professional programmers and hackers felony expert. We have the latest criminal record expungement software programs, the same as that of the country government coding system. Our INSIDERS(brothers) working with different countries systems, also help us with vital information from different hidden countries criminal history systems with their secure coding pertain making the cleaning of these unwanted records instantly by HI-TECH programmers hackers.


How to clear felony record, For example criminal record expunged Canada, is done by our skilled INSIDERS functioning directly with some mother felon record expunged system like that of the uk, making it very more easy to protect any record erased from whatever system in any country, just click on the country name being it in the Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Iceland felony, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, United Kingdom, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, United States felony, Austria, Japan, Israel, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, South Korea, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Malta, Italy, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Andorra, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Bahrain, Chile felony, Croatia, Qatar, Argentina, Montenegro, Romania, Palau, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Panama, Bahamas, Barbados, Oman, Georgia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Serbia, Kuwait, Mauritius, Trinidad And Tobago, Seychelles, Albania, Iran, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Mexico, Ukraine, Grenada, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Antigua And Barbuda felony, Thailand, Peru, Armenia, North Macedonia, Colombia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Saint Lucia, Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Algeria, Lebanon felony, For criminal record expungement instantly.

Professional criminal record cleaner

Professional criminal record cleaner


How to clear a criminal record?

It is very very easy to clear your criminal records with Hi-Tech Professional Programmers Hackers.

unlawful record to be canceled being it in Ontario or Some countries don’t permit you to cancel your criminal records after being registered under their criminal system, which would mean the record is totally protected into the system and that makes it easier for Globex hackers to get that done without the notice of the country’s security system.

Hi-Tech Programmers have sophisticated software programs that help to bypass all security gateways to any country’s criminal record center. for new identity like new passport with new names and country.


Types of crimes and their penalties

Hi-Tech programmers  make sure to get the right information from the client regarding he or her offences and the corresponding criminal system under which his felony are been registered as to know the exact software program that will be use for the criminal record expungement.




crimes against a person

assault and battery arson child abuse domestic abuse kidnapping rape and statutory rape types of felony

The punishment for an unspeakable atrocity is detainment for a term not surpassing 30 years. With a sum to pay to clear your criminal records, for this felony

crimes against property

burglary, larceny, robbery, auto theft, and shoplifting  felony

Contingent upon the charge and the worth of the property asserted to have been taken, you could confront prison time or jail, fines, probation, loss of instructive or work openings, driver permit suspension and public shame. We can get your criminal felony clean from the system. for these type of felonies

Inchoate crimes

aiding and abetting, attempt, and conspiracy felony


statutory crimes

Driving Under the Influence (DUI/OWI/DWI) Open Container Violations Minor in Possession of Alcohol Public Intoxication Underage DUI Boating DUI Selling and Supplying Alcohol to Minors Refusing to Perform a Field Sobriety Test Refusing to Perform a Breathalyzer or Provide a Blood Sample types of felony






for these type of felonies

financial crimes

fraud ,blackmail, embezzlement and money laundering, tax evasion, and cybercrime felony

People might confront vomiting, resource relinquishment, as long as five years’ detainment, and fines of up to USD250,000 per infringement. Criminal fines forced on an individual can’t be paid by the organization for whose benefit the individual acted. due to this types of felonies

With the total blocked criminal records countries system, we get this criminal record expungement done anonymously without the awareness of the security gateway making it safer than that of countries that accept citizens to clear off their felonies at a given period of time by carrying out some particular special tasks like the case with a criminal record expunged NYC.

Globex Expungement Hackers are anti-criminal record servers. They have the ability and the capability to attack any criminal system for individual information. 

Criminal records is the registrar that collects your damaging activities with the law enforcement being it national or international. Most of these offenses are those you are guilty of and others which maybe you do not have any idea of.

Whenever our expungement Hackers, acquire access to penetrate any criminal records system,  they make sure all information that is erased is immediately replaced by valid fake information from an unknown person for security safety reasons. for example traffic offenses such as speeding and drunk driving.

In a few Countries criminal record expungement is restricted to real feelings (where the individual has confessed or been pronounced blameworthy by a certified court), in the meantime, some incorporate captures, charges excused, which the individual has been vindicated with. Expungement Lawyer, loan specialists, and others to evaluate an individual’s reliability.

Criminal records expungement is likewise important for worldwide travelers, and for the charging and condemning of people who carry out crimes on daily basis.

How much does it cost to expunge a felony?

fingerprints scanning device

There are sites that can walk you through the interaction criminal record expunged in Australia for example. Hope to pay $100 to $600 in archive handling and recording expenses. On the off chance that you believe you might experience difficulty thinking of the cash to pay those expenses, a few states do offer free expungement administrations to needy customers.

All the above explaining only hold on light cases like bad driving, something the law enforcement think you are not guilty of the act etc, not for murder, and other crimes with gravity

Criminal felony is something no one desires to have on his file, in the meantime, it can be very easy to make wrong decisions and find yourself fully captured in the criminal justice system just as ABC. Equally, a relatively insignificant arrest or conviction may result in a criminal record which may follow you up for the rest of your life making you feel very nervous.

 Fixing and expungement of a case in California for example isn’t that costly lawful technique. Put in your mind that you are putting resources into yourself for a long period of opportunity! For the most part, renewed opportunities in life can’t be bought. Regardless of that, California law permits you to seal or erase one case which allows you a subsequent opportunity to have a perfectly freely available report lawfully for criminal record expungement. 

Our professional INSIDER, the INSIDER who will manage your case has over 16 years of knowledge working with the government handling closing and expungements, be rest assured of maximum work 100% done. To  get your case sealed and expunge your case will include: all lawyering fees, your Depts(we handle that for you), a form of Law Enforcement request fee which is $80.00, court expenses which are in the $60-79.00 range, and all costs for certified copies we take care of that too, this is for normal light cases like bad driving at night, not murder or rape, Larceny,

  • Drug Possession felony,
  • Vandalism felony,
  • Fraud felony,
  • Property Crimes felony,
  • Assault felony,
  • Disorderly Conduct felony etc
  • I will advise you to hire a professional programmer directly by submitting a request to our message box with your offense type, for us to get the best hackers and how to clear felony record, programmers for your criminal records cleaning are always ready to get started.
  • h Contact Now to seal and expunge your felony

How To Clear Criminal Record Online.

Hi-Tech Programmers Hackers have the ability to get any of your felon data canceled from any country record system due to the high level linked up with foreign INSIDER EXPERTS. and latest software programs. In the United States, particular types of criminal files can be erased or closed by a judge or court without complications. We can remove convictions from a person’s criminal file completely as if they never appeared. Even a judge or prosecutor is unable to view a person’s erased record. A clear criminal record simply means getting all your criminal offenses off the administration criminal database system. For example, clearing criminal records in the US system of a victim, after the elimination of the victim’s criminal record, we immediately provide a certificate of proof to the client to back up the work well done for security reasons. How Do I Know My Records Are Erased? felony expungement is done by professional programmers here, for more details on criminal record expungement



felony is considered as a very bad crime 

how much does it cost to get a criminal record expunged?
how much does it cost to get your criminal record expunged?
how to get your criminal record expunged in Australia?
how do I get a criminal record expunged?

how to get a criminal record expunged in texas?

how to clear felony record ?


 Criminal record expungement is one of the Hi-Tech programmers’ specialties. We are the best backed by sophisticated software programs when it comes to expungement of criminal records from any system, no matter the case, be rest assured of the best work to be done by our skillful hackers.

Have you been worried for years about having your records blacklisted under your country or foreign country database system?

how to clear felony record is one of your biggest problem now?

If that is the case, move over your worries now and let specialists take care of your worries within a very short period of time. We make sure your records are totally cleaned and replaced from the system with clean and verified new details containing no felony.

After work is done you will be able to check it directly from your country’s official felony website to confirm, if you do not know how to do it we will send you a government official link to do the verification by yourself.

  1. Criminal files are clean 100% with Globex Documents Company expungement hackers
    1. It’s very easy to get your information removed from any country’s database system perfectly without any catastrophe. However, our services are limitless.
    2. Hi-Tech is a team of professional hackers and computer engineers with 16 years of intense studying on the criminal register database system. Nevertheless, our main aim is to assist erase our client’s biometric information from the criminal database of any country’s system.
    3.  We hack into different countries’ database systems. More specifically, we hack law enforcement, FBI, police, schools, airports, companies systems, to get victims information erased instantly, by creating a new clear file for the victims with no criminal record registered under any system concerning he/she, 100% clean and clear when checked.
    4. There are 3 different types of criminal records systems.
  2. In conclusion, Hi-Tech Company hackers solve all your worries within a very short period of time depending on the situation you are presently in.

Criminal record expungement Record System Contains the following credentials:


Date of birth: 

Personal characteristics:


Stays in proceedings:

Withdrawn charges: 

Conviction history: 

Dates associated with each conviction: 



Absolute and conditional discharges:

2- Criminal Record Synopsis Active System

It contains individual information and conviction history only. Name

3- Criminal Name System Active Index.

Demonstrates just that a record may exist for checking.

how to remove a criminal record online without it being noticed by law enforcement?
can you clear your criminal record by your self, yes it is very possible here with us, we have special programmers and hackers responsible for that?
what is a clear criminal record, it is simply that of a perfect citizen with no offenses.
How to check your criminal records online is very simple and easier via Globex hackers coding form checker.
felon record clearance online with software programs at a very cheap and reasonable price. you are at the right place to order now for your background check. before criminal record expungement, how to clear felony record is one of our main services, we do carry that on daily basis worldwide, we have professional software programs for that making it 100% safe 


Erase Felony Off Your Record

Expungement. The best way to dispose of a felony record is to have it canceled, which means eradicating the record like it won’t ever happen. Prerequisites for erasing a record shift by state. Many states don’t permit vicious crime wrongdoers to erase their records.

Wrongdoings including savagery, peril to youngsters, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, arson, terrorism and extreme injury or passing of someone else normally are not qualified for expungement.

Hi-Tech Hackers, we are here to handle such problems that the states won’t allow you do.

We have special felonies expungement experts responsible for the erasing of criminal records from any secured database system due to our powerful software programs and spiderweb connection with other hackers and programmers working with different countries criminal database system for their protection.

Let you felony not be any problem to you, we can get your background check perfect just as you want, and you will be free to check online your criminal records as we get it erased from the system.