Fake birth certificate for passport

False birth certificate to obtain a valid passport


Order Fake Birth Certificates

Many people worldwide order Fake birth certificates to regain their lost documents, that can be, passports, drivers license ID cards or even the birth certificate itself. Globex programmers have the ability and the capability to access old systems for registration of vital biometric information for this birth biometric details.

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It is very easy since they won’t change a 1952 birth record system information to that of 2021 for security reasons, they keep the same outdated software program to avoid any altering in their system with the newly 2021 birth certificate programs. It is very easy to fake a birth certificate for any person from 10+ years above, because local States and Countries keep the same software program of each year, and can only update each year’s version accordingly to make it easier to get actual information from any year’s software.

This makes it easier for Professional programmers and hackers to gain access to any country’s database system of birth records.

Legitimate birth certificates give vital intelligence about the person whose name shows on the certificate. Issuing birth certificates is the responsibility of State vital records registrars and many local issuing entities in order to identify a person as a citizen of a given country by birth. While originally intended for the sole purpose of birth registration, birth certificates are now used extensively for employment purposes and to obtain benefits or other papers used for recognition. This is one of the most common documents to fake that can be used legally to obtain different documents now our days of high level technology.

Over the last 5 years, number of studies have addressed problems related to false identification and the misuse of birth certificates. These studies conclude that false identification is a major factor in crime, and that most, if not all, Federal fugitives and drug trafficking crimes are associated with false identification which uses this fake birth certificate to acquire real database documents like a US Passport by an Indian citizen, Canadian ID card by an African etc. Altered birth certificates are often used as “breeder documents” that allow the owner to obtain documents needed to create new identities. In conclusion, the Inspector General of the state of California has conducted three inspections focused particularly on birth certificate fraud that identified a number of vulnerabilities in birth certificate processes. Since so many Federal and State agencies rely on birth certificates to assist them in determining eligibility for services and benefits, it is essential that these agencies have current data on the nature and extent of birth certificate fraud to assist them in the proper assignment and protection of benefits. This inspection was initiated at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services to provide information which the Section could use in responding to responsibilities placed on it as a result of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1993, That not withstanding since they can no go back and change the old software they have been using for all data collection, if they do the system will be totally upset leading to a raise in fake birth certificate production which would not be detected in any way due to mixed up information in their systems. They used two methods to gather information. They gathered general information regarding vital records policies and procedures from 53 primary vital records registrars using mail surveys, they also assembled more in-depth information from personal interviews with State registrars, fraud investigators, and local and State vital records, Passport Services, Immigration and Naturalization Services, Social Security Administration, and public assistance staff in different States and countries. They also met with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, staff who provided us with comments on the draft of this report. since they can not change the old software program of 1952 to that of 2021, making it very easy to crack their system by professional hackers through the old software program that can be accessed by any good hacker.


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