German driver’s license for sale

germany drivers license for sale


German driver’s license for sale, Unentdeckt gefälschter deutscher Führerschein und Reisepass zu verkaufen, you can get many drivers license vendors online with their different qualities

Welcome to hi-tech paperwork programmers, the best providers of German driver’s licenses online for sale.

We have the best German driver’s license software program for the undetected fake driving permit with all the security features, watermarks, and fully registered under the country transport database system. 
If you need a German driver’s license to be used legally in Germany, and any other country in the world legally without any problem you are at the right place to get the best quality driver’s license for your daily transactions. 

Getting a driver’s license is the most important part of settling in any city, whether you have grown up here and applied as a new driver or you have recently relocated and need a German driver’s license for sale online. Every country has its own set of rules and a different protocol that must be followed to obtain a driver’s license. The paperwork, legality, and the of getting the license can be confusing. Obtaining a driver’s license is the most integral part of adjusting and transitioning to a new country. In this article, we will be a simple guide about how you can obtain a driver’s license for sale in Germany or any vendor 

Let’s first clear out a few misconceptions about  Driving permit

germany driver's license for sale

Germany driver’s license for sale

Many people believe that a German driver’s license has no expiry date and is valid for life. Although this policy existed for many years, it is no longer true. The rule was actually revised in 2013 so make sure when obtaining a German driver’s license for sale anywhere be wise not to get the wrong one. All German driver’s licenses issued after January 19th, 2013, are valid for fifteen years since the date of issue. This is in line with the driver’s license policy of the other European Union states. The driver’s licenses that were issued before January 19th, 2013, are valid till the year 2033 and it is what all the driver’s license vendors do the same as the administration. 


Purchase Real German Driver’s License For Sale Online 

We have the best german driver’s license for sale online, our license have the best quality materials same as that provided by the country transport company.

You can use our license legal in any European country without problem because of it authentic materials and registered system records that can be checked.

Legit German driver’s license for sale 2022 xtics.

  • – Drivers licenses have RFID chips with database registered info.
  • – Our fake german drivers License are Renewable at any local  transport office in the country of issue.
  • – It contains Holograms, with UV infrared ink and watermarks features.
  • – It normally takes 2 to 5 days to be ready depending on your order and delivery address.
  • – Discreet 2 Days Delivery Guaranteed within europe.
  • – It comes with Valid Government issued stamps and all supporting papers.
  • – 100% Valid and Legal that can be checked from any system.
  • – 100% Money back guarantee if not satisfied with your order.


Different Driving license Class Categories.

We provide the different classes of driving license permit as listed below, all our license are database registered if you want to use it legally and we also provide the good quality fake license that can not be detected as fake with naked eyes. Always make sure before you order a german driver’s license for sale, you check the category and the type of car as listed below.

  • A – bikes and mopeds (Driving permit classifications AM, A1, A2, A),
    B – vehicles, farm trucks and work vehicles (Driving permit classifications B, BE, W)
    C – vans and trucks over 3,500kg (Driving permit classes C, C1, CE, C1E)
    D – transports (Driving permit classes D, D1, DE, D1E)
    Disc – trucks and transports (Driving permit classifications C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE, D1E)
    TMT – truck module (probably finished D assessment)
    BMT – transport module (probably finished C assessment)

How do I get a German driver’s license for sale online? 

Many clients always have this question on how to get a german driving license for sale online without meeting the vendor for their own security reason, since they know it is not legal to purchase german driver’s license for sale online and not from the transport company.

It is very easy to obtain a database registered license online from HERE 

that can be 100% verified.

our driving license are build up with top quality materials same as the real and the database registration process is done by the very government INSIDERS for it authenticity, you can use our permit same as that of any citizen.

Can a stranger get a driving license in Germany? 

The answer is totally YES.

Every body that is a citizen of Germany, being it a foreigner or what ever the case should be have the right to own a record registered german driving license if he/she want to get one.

We provide permit with clients desired names, database registered for it legal usage. We are working directly with some official INSIDERS responsible for that, having a driving license in German should not be any of your problem again.

How much does a German driver’s license  for sale cost? 

A driver’s permit in Germany goes from €1,000 to €3,200, or $2,300 to $3,700. Germany is probably the hardest spot on the planet to get a permit, this should not alarm for panic, Hi-Tech programmer is here to get you the same license with same quality materials and same records registered by them again at very affordable prices

We provide two types of german driver’s license for sale.

The real one that can be use legally without any problem same as the one you get from a driving school and we also provide the undetected fake german driving license of great quality that can not be noticed as fake with normal naked eyes. All the client need to do for his order is just to indicate the type of license they need and we are going to provide you with the exact order you desired, our fake german driver’s license are done by professional paperwork engineers, be rest assured of good job when you order from us.

Which countries accept the use of German driver’s license?

Legal German driving licenses, including those of the previous GDR , are perceived in the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein).

Who needs to apply for a German driver’s license for sale online?

Globex programmers provide the best-registered and undetected German driver’s license for sale with legal driving full documents Within a few days 2 to 3 days max to avoid complications filling forms and standing on lines to be served. 

You can easily get the real database registered drivers license  VENDOR HERE

Citizens from European Union countries do not need to apply for a German driver’s license separately and the driver’s license issued by their home countries is valid for them to legally own and drive a vehicle in Germany. However non-EU country citizens must follow the protocol and the whole procedure step-wise to be able to legally drive in Germany. There are some minor variations according to your home country’s license and the agreements that your native country’s licensing authorities have with Germany.

German driver’s license for sale video

German driver’s license for sale

What needs to be done to obtain a license?

In summary, in order to successfully qualify for a German driver’s license, one needs to complete a course at the driving school, at the end of which there is a theoretical written exam. This is then followed by a practical exam that basically includes the road test. A few other examinations and tests also need to be cleared by the candidates before they are issued a driver’s license by German authorities. We will be discussing them in detail below.

Theoretical examination following the driving school attendance 

There are numerous driving schools all across the country. Upon enrolment in a driving school, you will be given formal education about the basic driving rules, traffic laws and regulations, and the do’s and don’t of driving in Germany. The length of the course, as well as the material of the course, depends upon the type of license that you are planning to apply for. All these processes discourage many people to follow up. 

Most driving schools have flexible timings including evening courses to facilitate everyone. Upon completion of your theoretical course, all candidates must take and clear the written exam. The test is a multiple-choice question format.

Practical training for the road test clearance

Once you have successfully passed the written exam of a German driver’s license, consisting of theoretical knowledge, you can start your practical training. This includes driving and parking lessons offered by registered driving schools. Driving schools have special and customized vehicles that are designed for teaching purposes. The unique thing about these vehicles is that they have dual control. This means that both the driver and the passenger have control of the brake,

accelerator, and clutch. This feature allows the new driver to practice and learn in a safe and controlled environment while reducing the risk of damage to a minimum. 

Some other requirements must be fulfilled to obtain a German driver’s license. 

Before you are issued a valid German driver’s license you are also required to take an eye exam and present proof of the results if you want to get it through writing the exam but via Globex docs, you do not need to take any exams, you only pay and get your license within 2 to 3days with fully registered records same as that with exams. Optometrists must be available to conduct these examinations, at an affordable rate. In order to obtain a German driver’s license, one must also take a first aid course. These are usually not very expensive and cost around twenty to thirty euros. Globex documents provide just the best quality real german drivers license for sale with all the security features present, you can use our driver’s license to obtain a loan in germany

Our German id security features

german id security features

german id security features

You can purchase your german ID card here 

Actual appearance

The recent german ID card is an ID-1 (Mastercard size) plastic card with an implanted RFID chip. It is coated with varicolored guillochés and seems green-brown from a good ways. All the data on it (aside from shade of eyes) is given in German, English, and French, same is our good quality fake German driver’s license for sale, we make sure all these security features are well placed for safety

Front side view

The front of the identity card shows the Eagle and the words as written “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND/FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY/RÉPUBLIQUE FÉDÉRALE D’ALLEMAGNE” and “PERSONALAUSWEIS/IDENTITY CARD/CARTE D’IDENTITÉ”. It contains the accompanying data as listed below.

Photograph of ID card holder

Record number

Access number for RFID chip

Last name


Given name

Date of birth


Spot of birth

Date of expiry

Mark of holder

Back side view

The back side shows the Brandenburg Gate. It contains the accompanying data:

Shade of eyes


Date of issue

Giving power


Strict name or Pseudonym

Machine-decipherable zone

Fake German Driving License Security Features

The have the same security features as the real one for camouflage reasons.

The main security elements of our fake German Driving license for sale are shown and depicted on the accompanying pages. These incorporate complex security printing with diverse line structures, microlettering, material highlights, fine surface decorating just as an alterable laser picture and a coordinated security string same as that of the German driver’s license for sale we provide.

German ID card with biometric chip

It contains a RFID chip like that in biometric international IDs. The chip stores the data given on the ID card (like name or date of birth), the holder’s image (which, dissimilar to the image on more seasoned ID cards, must be a biometric one), and, assuming that the holder wishes along these lines, additionally his/her fingerprints.

How can I say whether my ID is biometric?

What does a biometric identification resemble? The most straightforward method for telling on the off chance that your German ID card  is biometric is by checking out the cover. In case there’s a little, gold sim chip at the base, then, at that point, it’s biometric, that is the device that carries your vital information, same as the German driver’s license for sale that can be checked from any system to identify you as a registered citizen.

The time frame for taking the driving license exams

You must take the written exam which tests the theoretical knowledge first. Once you have cleared this written exam, you are then eligible to take a practical road test. The road test, however, must be taken within twelve months of passing the written test. The results of both these exams are available to the candidates instantaneously, after the completion of the exam. Hence, you should not have to worry about long waiting times to hear about your license. The rate of failure of driving exams cumulatively is almost twenty-eight percent according to a survey done in the year 2011, German driver’s license for sale can be easily obtain online if urgently needing. you can request a special drivers license vendor online now 

Automatic vs Manual car driver’s license permit functions

If one has an automatic car license, that would only allow them to drive an automatic vehicle. However, if you have a Manual car’s license you can legally drive both automatic and manual vehicles. or contact the  German driver’s license for sale vendors online

Beware of fake German driver’s license for sale online

There are a number of fraudulent companies and individuals who are involved in getting fake licenses made. These licenses are illegal and are not registered by the government authorities. Being caught with a fake license is a criminal offense. It endangers the life of the driver as well as the fellow citizens on the road. Although the whole process of obtaining a genuine license may seem tedious, you must go through all the steps.

We hope this article helps you in getting a basic, general idea about how to obtain a driver’s license in Germany. The details may vary depending on the type of license you are opting for; however, the general protocol remains the same. There are numerous companies and driving schools that provide personalized services to make the procedure simpler for you. One of these is Globex documents that help in providing licenses via online documentation. It is an ideal solution for individuals who do not have time to visit the license offices and those who struggle with paperwork to get a German driver’s license for sale on official website.

german drivers license


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